Leon Nixon Catering

Leon Nixon Catering mobile kitchens are licensed, insured, and individually inspected by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Health. Each trailer gladly displays its sanitation rating in a visible location.
Leon Nixon Catering 
Mobile Kitchen

Our professional staff prepares your food on-site at your event to guarantee everything is fresh & piping hot for your guests.
40 Foot State-of-the-Art Kitchen on Wheels
features all the amenities of a commercial kitchen:
Stainless Steel
Steam Tables
Breader & Prep Tables
Also Has On-Board:
Deep Fryers
Water Heater
Exhaust System 
 Fire Suppression System

An Important Notice From Our Crew
Our mobile kitchens are the size of a semi truck. We need about 70 feet of space to maneuver, turn around, and park our vehicles. A good way to tell if you have enough space:
* If a tractor trailer can't get into a spot
- neither can we! *  

A Small Sample of a Catered Event

All Prepared Fresh & Hot in Our Mobile Kitchen